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Garden Maintenance

All aspects of garden maintenance can be carried out. This includes weeding beds and borders, planting shrubs, trees and bulbs, redefining edges to keep them looking sharp, feeding shrubs and plants with both liquid and granular fertiliser and pruning shrubs to keep them healthy and to stop the garden looking overgrown. 

A professional weed killing service can also provided to tackle all types of weeds on hard surfaces like driveways, patios and paths. Once treated weeds can stay away for up to a period of 6 months. 

These types of services are normally carried out on a regular basis, however a one off visit can also be used to get the garden back into a good standard making it easier for you to keep on top of going forward. 

Lawn Care

Lawns have become a particular passion of mine in recent years and I love nothing more than reviving a tired lawn into a lawn you can be proud of. A good looking lawn is no accident and it requires constant maintenance and regular cutting to keep it looking at its best. 

I am a member of the UK Lawn Care Association which enables me to liaise with fellow professionals and discuss best practice. 

I carry out all types of lawn care from, scarifying, overseeding and aeration to total lawn renovations. The products I use on lawns - liquid fertilisers, granular fertilisers, grass seed, wetting agent - are of the absolute highest quality and I can arrange to provide bespoke lawn care packages to enable you to get your lawn to that luxury level. 

The best looking lawns are cut on a regular basis and the maximum period I leave between cutting during the growing season is 2 weeks. I use a rotary mower with a steel roller to obtain that highly desired striped effect and if cutting weekly I will normally use a cylinder mower. There is a big difference between a lawn being cut with a cylinder mower and in my opinion this really takes your lawn to the next level, however that is not to say you cannot have a great lawn with fortnightly cuts. Please feel free to have a look at the Gallery where there is a mixture of lawns being cut with either a rotary or cylinder mower. You will also find before and after pictures of a small sample of the lawns I have worked on recently. 

Hedge Cutting

All types of hedge cutting can be carried out from a simple prune to reductions in height to complete removals. The hedge cutter blades are always kept extremely sharp to give that fine finish to well kept conifer and privet hedges. Again, feel free to have a look at the gallery where you will see some of the hedge work.

We have varying ladders from 6 feet to 14 feet so there aren't many hedges that can't be done. We are also SEPA licenced waste carriers so any waste will be removed from site and safely disposed of. 

Garden Tidy Ups

Has your garden got to that point where it is a touch out of control? Most domestic garden machinery is not equipped to deal with hedges or shrubs that are out of control or grass that hasn't been cut in several months. We have the machinery that can tame a wild garden and return it to a state that is much more manageable. Again, as stated above, we are SEPA licenced waste carriers which gives you peace of mind that the waste will be disposed of in a professional manner. 

We also carry out winter tidying and leaf clearing which gets your garden ready for winter. Cutting back perennials, planting bulbs, small tree pruning, mulching borders and over wintering delicate bulbs/tubers are the most common tasks carried out during a winter tidy.